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Boot Camp Schedule

9:00   –   9:30     Reception

9:30   –   11:15   First Session

                            Tour for parents (visit main state of the art facilities in INE)

11:15 – 11:30     Break

11:30 –  1:00      Second Session

1:00   –  1:45      Lunch

1:45   –  3:30      Third Session

Session 1/Part 1: Facility Design 

Did you know that changing the physical location of activities has a huge effect on the efficiency, productivity, and cost of any system? Let us experiment together with different types of plant layouts. Learn about the process, product, and hybrid layouts in a production system. Compete among each other to find the best layout suited for a specific product variety and quantity.

Session 1/Part 2: Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0

Come join us to learn how the new industrial revolution (industry 4.0) is changing everything you know about manufacturing. It is no more about workers relying on their muscles and doing repetitive jobs. Learn about modern ways of making products using robotics, artificial intelligence, and computer numerically controlled machines to respond in real-time to meet changing conditions. Compete with your friends to produce the best quality product in the minimum time.

Session 2:  Industrial Engineering, Leading Decision-Making through Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming more and more important in our lives. AI can change the way we live and work for the better. For Industrial Engineers, AI can play a huge role in empowering their workflow. Find out all about the exciting applications of AI in Industrial Engineering and how AI can be leveraged to lead in decision-making tasks. Discover how AI can lead to better products and services quality, optimized business marketing and retention plans and aid in better healthcare decisions. Build your own AI model in minutes and test it in a real environment.

Session 3: Logistics and Supply Chain Design and Management

Have you heard about the supply chain? Find out all about this exciting field, in the newly developed Supply Chain Lab which includes a custom-built “Industrial Manufacturing and Supply Chain Model Demo” using LEGO Elements & Controller. Discover all the production line details from Warehousing, material handling, Material sorting, Material stacking, Manufacturing – Assembly Station, Inspection, and Quality control all in one crash session. That will also include the Lego robot competition using the lab different kits and controllers that will allow you to build your own units and program them.