Why Industrial Engineering

Industrial engineering:

  • Is an agile discipline of finding ways to improve processes through well-structured approaches leading to innovative and effective cost-cutting solutions.

Industrial engineers work in both :

  • Service sectors (ex: healthcare, banking, consultancy, retail)

  • Manufacturing sectors

Industrial engineering provides you with :

  • Knowledge and skills to work in the Data Analytics domain.

  • Technical and business skills in areas such as logistics, supply chain management and analytics.

  • Flexible career options in several organizations.

  • Hands on experience in an innovative dynamic field.


  • Professional position six months from graduating.

  • Easy integration into manufacturing and production systems within the industry.

  • Enhance leadership and decision-making skills.

Why Industrial Engineering at AUS

    • A Top Choice among Employers

    • Renowned Faculty

    • State of the Art Facilities

    • Accredited Programs

    • Extracurricular Activities ( Clubs and Chapters, Study Tours, National and International Competitions)

    • Variety of Scholarships and Grants

    • Vibrant and Dynamic Campus Life

    • You will experience engineering through hands-on learning in our courses and labs through problem-based learning with real world engineering problems.

    • Students in our senior design course work with industry sponsors to solve actual problems.

    • Quickly become an expert not only in the manufacturing and production processes of the industry, but also in the specific culture, problems, and challenges that the company faces.

    • Customize Industrial Engineering to match your interests (Service, Data science Manufacturing, production, forecasting, supply chain, quality, consulting.)